Esthetics Licensing in Oklahoma

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Oklahoma

As more and more people start to focus on their appearance and usefulness, the popularity of skin care procedures has increased significantly. This trend has exploded all over the country, including Midwestern states like Oklahoma.

The field of esthetics makes it possible for people to look younger for longer periods of time while actually enjoying healthier skin.

Although esthetics is a specialized part of cosmetology, it is actually a very large field. To work as an esthetician, you must be confident with many different beauty procedures and tools. Per Oklahoma state law, the following training standards are requirements for those applying for esthetics licensure:

• Bacteriology, disinfection, safety, and sanitation (80 hours)
• Histology, dermatology, and physiology (180 hours)
• Facials, including draping, manipulations, chemistry, light therapy, cleaning, toning, and makeup (200 hours)
• Hair removal (40 hours)
• Salon development (60 hours)
• Board rules and statutes (40 hours)

Depending on current trends and technology, your curriculum may cover additional skills and topics. In addition, your instructors may teach you how to be successful in business. Some of your courses may explore these subjects:

• Eyebrow arching and threading
• Salon management
• Documentation and client consultation

Are you ready to learn how to get a skin care license in Oklahoma? Education is a huge part of this process, so it’s worth your time to consider a variety of schools. Check out Oklahoma esthetics programs below and contact nearby schools for more information.

Oklahoma Esthetician License Requirements

As a skin care student and skin care professional, you must follow the standards and statutes of the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. In addition to creating the curriculum guidelines above, the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering has established a licensure process that ensures that you are ready to start working independently. This process includes the following guidelines and fees:

• $35 exam fee
• $25 license application fee
• Fees paid by money order or cashier’s check; may use credit card or bank account when paying fees online
• 600 hours of training or 1200 hours of an apprenticeship program

If you know the process of earning an OK esthetician license, you can get through it all promptly after completing your education. These standards should make you feel confident that you are ready to work independently and give your clients the service they deserve. Additionally, your license may help you attract new clients when you do not yet have an established reputation in the beauty community.

How to Get Your Oklahoma Esthetician’s License Renewed

One portion of esthetician license requirements in OK relates to license renewal. Oklahoma statutes require you to renew your OK esthetician license every year by the last day of your birth month. Additionally, you must pay a fee of $25. Although continuing education is not required in Oklahoma, it is still highly recommended by many industry experts.

With the right training, you could get your Oklahoma esthetician license in a matter of months. Find a fulfilling and exciting career by contacting Oklahoma esthetics programs today.

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