Esthetics Licensing in Ohio

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Ohio

Are you ready to throw yourself into a new career, learn how to work in a fast-paced setting, and work with people from all walks of life? If you are passionate about the beauty industry, why not leave your mark on the field of esthetics? As an esthetician, you can help people get beautiful, healthy skin and find the makeup colors that make them glow. Every day, you get the chance to change lives and build people’s self-esteem and confidence.

Clients must be able to trust you with the health of their skin. That is why Ohio esthetician license requirements are so thorough. In this state, you must cover specific topics in your training and meet training hour requirements. Find out more in the list below:

• Infection control and bacteriology (60 hours)
• Anatomy (30 hours)
• Specialized esthetics equipment (30 hours)
• Massage (60 hours)
• Chemistry of ingredients and cosmetics (30 hours)
• Skin care procedures and practices (200 hours)
• Skin theory, analysis, diseases, and disorders (55 hours)
• Makeup (75 hours)
• Salon operations and management (40 hours)
• Ohio cosmetology laws and rules (20 hours)

As you work through your training, you may get the chance to study advanced techniques, tools, and products that may help you market your skills. At Ohio beauty schools, you may spend time studying the following subjects:

• Products sales and client consultation
• Artificial lashes and lash extensions
• Hair removal, including waxing and tweezing

It is clear that education is one of the most important parts of getting an Ohio esthetics license. Find the right training program for you by checking out our list of Ohio esthetics programs below.

Ohio Esthetician License Requirements

Though this process may seem confusing at times, the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology is dedicated to helping you succeed and get your esthetician license. They outline the standards you must meet, the tests you have to take, and the fees you have to pay. Get more details below:

• $21 testing application fee
• $30 licensing fee
• Fees paid by check; may be paid by credit card in person
• 600 hours of training

An OH esthetics license shows clients that you have the skills needed to make their skin look great. This is especially beneficial to you when you are still trying to get clients in your chair. In addition, you can use your license to gain access to professional organizations, training events, beauty supply stores, and insurance options.

How to Get Your Ohio Esthetician’s License Renewed

After you get your esthetician license, you simply have to ensure that you keep it valid. Like the majority of states, Ohio runs on a two-year renewal cycle. Renewal applications are due by January 31 of odd numbered years. The fee is $30. By the time you renew your license, you should have documentation for eight hours of continuing education.

If you are ready to spend your days working with skin care products, beauty technology, and makeup, take the first step right now. After comparing Ohio esthetics programs below, contact schools that interest you for more information.

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