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Esthetics Licensing in North Carolina



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in North Carolina

If you have a makeup collection that’s larger than the inventory of most drugstores, an obsession for trying new skin care products, and the ability to fix just about any skin issue with the right products, you may be able to put your interests and skills to work in a career you are passionate about. Esthetics is a major part of the beauty industry that focuses on skin care and makeup application.

However, you’ll need to take your skills to the next level to be able to work with the people of North Carolina. Education is the first part of getting a North Carolina esthetician license, which is required for independent work. Accredited schools in North Carolina follow these mandatory curricular standards:

• Anatomy and physiology, hygiene, first aid, facial and body treatments, hair removal, and dermatology theory (40 hours)
• Styles of esthetics services, facials, makeup application, skin care, hair removal, and eyelash extensions (560 hours)
• 40 manual facials
• 30 electronic facials
• 20 eyebrow arching procedures
• 30 hair removal procedures
• 30 makeup application procedures
• 10 eyelash extension procedures
• 10 brow color procedures

Of course, each topic above covers many basic and advanced procedures that you should plan on learning by the time you graduate. Check out the list below for a sample of some of the skills you may learn as a student:

• Aromatherapy
• Color and pigment theory
• Lash tinting and coloring

If you are crazy about the beauty industry, getting an NC esthetician license can help you succeed. Request information from North Carolina esthetics schools below.

North Carolina Esthetician License Requirements

The topics and procedures listed above were decided upon by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners, which oversees the licensing of estheticians and other beauty professionals in this state. As long as you meet their licensing requirements and follow their standards, you can move through the world of cosmetology fairly quickly. The Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners established the following fees and requirements for graduating skin care students:

• $20 initial licensing fee
• $79 practical testing fee and $69 written testing fee
• Fees paid by cashier’s check or money order
• 600 hours of training required
• Tests administered by DL Roope

NC esthetician license requirements are quite extensive, but they actually benefit you in the long run. Meeting these standards shows employers, customers, and peers that you have made it through the demanding training process of this industry. As a result, you may benefit from increased job opportunities and client referrals.

How to Get Your NC Esthetician’s License Renewed

North Carolina esthetician license requirements dictate what you must do to keep your license valid. Currently, these standards involve renewing your license every year by October 1. At this time, you must pay a fee of $20. North Carolina requires eight hours of continuing education per year. You may want to consult the licensing agency for approved continuing education resources.

As a skin care specialist, you can improve life for people in your community. Start contacting schools today to make the most of this opportunity and get your NC esthetician license.