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Esthetics Licensing in New York



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in New York

New York is home to one of the most successful and dynamic beauty communities in the entire world, which means that you are in the right place if you want to become an esthetician and get the best training you possibly can.

When you make the commitment to further your education and get a New York esthetician license, you want to get training that shows you the most popular procedures, the latest trends that customer’s request, and the skills that can get you hired. For this reason, the state of New York has extensive educational requirements for aspiring skin care professionals. Any licensed esthetics school in New York must meet these curricular guidelines:

• Safety and health (8 hours)
• Bacteriology (18 hours)
• Anatomy, physiology, and nutrition (25 hours)
• Structure and function of skin (12 hours)
• Superfluous hair (24 hours)
• Chemistry (3 hours)
• Cosmetic chemistry (21 hours)
• Electricity and machines (18 hours)
• Facial treatments (225 hours)
• Body procedures (48 hours)
• Makeup techniques (84 hours)
• Business practices (50 hours)
• Job skills (6 hours)
• Paramedical esthetics (18 hours)

Of course, the specific curriculum you complete is outlined by your school and instructors. As you delve into the topics listed above, you may learn advanced skills that set you apart from your peers. Look forward to exploring these subjects as a student:

• Massage creams and oils
• Facial procedures with and without machines
• Aromatherapy
• Color analysis

If you are ready to start working in one of the many successful spas or salons in New York, it all begins with your education. Check out your options and compare schools below with our list of New York skin care training programs.

New York Esthetician License Requirements

Since this industry does go through fairly frequent changes, you want to keep up on New York esthetician license requirements throughout your education and career. The New York Division of Licensing Services verifies your educational hours and then allows you to take your mandatory licensing exams. Throughout this procedure, you’ll need to meet these expectations and pay a variety of fees:

• $50 licensing fee
• $15 testing fee
• Fees paid by check, money order, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa
• 600 hours of training required

After you pass your tests, you may receive your NY esthetics license. These tests should thoroughly cover every aspect of your education and what your job duties will be. This tough process strengthens the beauty industry and makes it easy for employers and customers to find legitimate, highly trained professionals like you.

How to Get Your New York Esthetician’s License Renewed

Your NY esthetician license gives you the right to work in approved beauty companies throughout the state. Your initial license should be valid for a period of up to four years. However, you will then need to renew your license every four years to continue working as an esthetician. The renewal fee is $40 in New York and you do not have to complete any continuing education hours.

The world of skin care is full of opportunities. Take your first step toward a new career now and request information from esthetics programs in New York.