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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in New Jersey

Would you thrive in a career that allows you to do something new every day, build long-term relationships with clients, and explore your creativity? If that sounds like your ideal career, the field of esthetics needs you.

In New Jersey, estheticians work in spas, salons, resorts, and other major beauty settings. However, you have to meet a rigorous set of requirements to become part of this exciting industry. New Jersey state law requires all licensed skin care programs to meet these curricular requirements:

• State laws and regulations (10 hours)
• Professional image and hygiene (2 hours)
• Infection control (20 hours)
• Anatomy and physiology (40 hours)
• Structure and function of skin (35 hours)
• Superfluous hair (40 hours)
• Skin care chemistry (48 hours)
• Electricity and machines (55 hours)
• Facial and body procedures (200 hours)
• Makeup techniques (150 hours)

These New Jersey esthetician license requirements cover both practical hands-on experience as well as theory instruction. Many instructors have their own specialties, so you may have a chance to learn additional skills within each category. Some skin care techniques and topics you may explore include:

• Corrective and post-surgical makeup techniques
• Tweezing and waxing
• Color theory and makeup pigmentation

The training you get at this point in your career determines how much you succeed later in your career and what employment opportunities you have, so make sure you work hard and build a solid set of skills. Start checking out educational options now with our list of esthetics programs in New Jersey below.

New Jersey Esthetician License Requirements

In New Jersey, esthetics professionals are regulated by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. Staying up-to-date on their standards and expectations can make it much easier for you to transition into your esthetics career.

The training you get in school should give you everything you need to successfully pass your licensing exams. As you get ready for your exams, keep the following standards and fees in mind:

• $50 application fee and $60 licensing fee
• $39 testing fee
• Fees paid by check or money order
• 600 hours of training required

Earning your NJ esthetician license does involve quite a bit of paperwork and training, but it is well worth it. Once get your initial license, the vast majority of your work is done. Licensing standards in each state ensure that all beauty professionals have equal training and the same basic set of skills. It may also reduce the risk of harm to clients by undertrained estheticians.

How to Get Your New Jersey Esthetics License Renewed

You must keep your NJ esthetics license valid and up-to-date to continue expanding your career. Renewal is required on a biennial basis. If you renew your license on time, the fee is $60. New Jersey beauty professionals do not have to complete any continuing education as part of the renewal process. Although it is not required, continuing education is still highly recommended, as it helps you learn about new trends and techniques that can show you how to better serve your clients.

Now that you know more about becoming an esthetician, are you ready to earn your New Jersey esthetician license? Schools near you may start programs throughout the year for your convenience. Get more information by reaching out to skin care programs in New Jersey below.

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