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Esthetics Licensing in Nevada



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Nevada

Nevada is known for its huge tourism industry and its excellent entertainment options. Of course, this means that many other industries thrive in Nebraska, including beauty. Performers, tourists, and residents all want to look good, and in the case of local shows and performances, performers need specialized services and styles. If you are ready to get involved in Nevada’s thriving beauty community, the field of esthetics is waiting for you.

Before you can start at a local resort, spa, or salon, you must first meet esthetician license requirements in NV. To earn your license, you have to complete your skin care training at an approved school. All approved Nevada schools meet the following training requirements:

• 150 hours of theory
• Body massage
• Hair removal for the body and face
• Skin treatment
• Packs and masks
• Makeup application
• False eyelashes application
• Eyebrow arching
• Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
• Lightening of hair on body (scalp not included)
• Electrical and mechanical devices
• Nevada laws and standards

To round out your educational hours, you may complete training in additional areas as decided by your school. Skills and events that your school may offer include:

• Field trips to shows and expos
• Eyebrow threading
• Exfoliation

An NV esthetics license gives you the freedom to work in a wide variety of beauty and cosmetology settings throughout the state. Find out how you can become a licensed esthetician by contacting Nevada esthetics schools below.

Nevada Esthetician License Requirements

The licensing process is overseen by the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology. In addition to your training, they also have established Nevada esthetician license requirements that cover testing, background checks, and fees. Once you are approved for your licensing exams, you can sign up through the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology. The following list of standards and fees are mandated in Nevada:

• $110 testing fee
• Initial licensing fee of $35 to $102.08, depending on your birthdate
• Fees paid by credit card, cashier’s check, or money order
• 900 hours of training required

You put a lot of work into becoming an esthetician, which is why Nevada’s licensing standards benefit you. Before licensing was required throughout the country, anyone could call themselves an esthetician, regardless of how much training they had. As a result, undertrained practitioners could move from state to state without being tracked, which often happened if they unintentionally damaged clients’ skin. High licensing standards have allowed the beauty industry to improve its reputation.

How to Get Your Nevada Esthetician’s License Renewed

Getting your license renewed in Nevada is similar to the process used in many other states. To continue your esthetics career, you must renew your Nevada esthetician license every two years by your birthday. This involves paying a renewal fee of $70 and completing four hours of continuing education during every two-year cycle. Make sure you renew on time, since late renewal involves additional fees and a temporarily lapsed license.

Working in Nevada gives you the chance to explore many exciting opportunities in this industry. Contact Nevada beauty schools today to start the process of becoming a licensed esthetician.

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