Esthetics Licensing in Minnesota

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Minnesota

Esthetics used to be a beauty specialty reserved for clients with lots of extra time and money, but that trend is changing quickly. New spas and salons are popping up all over Minnesota, catering to clients with different budgets and skin care needs. As a result, the field of skin care is booming.

If you are interested in a beauty career that focuses on the science of skin health and skin appearance, a Minnesota esthetician license can help you get where you want to go.

As is the case with most other beauty careers, esthetics has specific training requirements. Minnesota’s training requirements are divided into the first part of your training, your practical education, and client procedures.

Find out what you need to learn in an approved esthetics below:
• First 120 hours: biological sciences, electricity and light, sanitation, safety procedures, Minnesota laws and statutes, elementary service skills
• Cleaning, shaping, conditioning, coloring, and enhancing of skin through facials and cosmetics
• 200 hours in clinical instruction and experience
• 60 facials and makeup applications

You may meet these objectives in a variety of courses, depending on which school you attend and which part of Minnesota you live in. Some of the additional courses you may take include:
• Face and Neck Massage
• Cleansing and Moisturizing Sensitive Skin
• Professional Makeup Application Techniques

A career in esthetics can give you the chance to do something new every day. Learn more about getting an MN esthetician license by contacting schools below.

Minnesota Esthetician License Requirements

Every decision you make in your esthetics career is specifically regulated by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners, from your choice of school to your place of employment. After you graduate from your skin care program and you are ready to start your career, you can take your Minnesota licensing exam.

The state of Minnesota maintains these esthetics licensing standards:
• $25 state exam fee, $35 theory exam fee, and $30 practical exam fee
• $195 licensing fee
• Fees paid by check or money order
• 600 hours of training required
• Tests administered by PSI in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Licensing standards are crucial in the beauty industry. If the industry does not regulate these career paths, any untrained person can call themselves an esthetician and weaken the beauty industry by providing inadequate, dangerous, and damaging care to clients. By having the same standards for all estheticians in the state, beauty professionals know that all estheticians meet certain training standards.

How to Get Your Minnesota Esthetician’s License Renewed

fter answering the question “how do I get my esthetics license in MN?” you may wonder what the next step is. The renewal process in Minnesota is a bit different from the process in many other states. You only have to renew your license every three years to keep actively working in this state. Your renewal application must be submitted by the last day of your birth month. Each cycle requires four hours of continuing education, three of which must focus on safety and sanitation. Minnesota’s renewal fee is $82.

This is the perfect time to start creating a rewarding and in-demand beauty career. Start the process of earning your MN esthetics license by contacting esthetics programs in Minnesota today.

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