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Esthetics Licensing in Louisiana



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Louisiana

One of the biggest benefits of working in the beauty industry is the variety of services you can offer your clients. While a cosmetology license may allow you to work with skin and hair, you may find that you are most interested in working with skin care, makeup, and anti-aging procedures. If that describes you, you may be better suited to an esthetics program.

Esthetics programs in Louisiana cover some of the most important subjects and topics in skin care. To become licensed, you have to start out by getting your training in the following areas:
• Scientific esthetics concepts: Sanitation, sterilization, physiology and anatomy, skin histology, skin diseases, skin disorders, and chemistry
• Esthetician Services: Skin analysis, product selection, draping, cleansing, massage, mask therapy, electricity, hair removal, aromatherapy, spa services, and makeup application
• Louisiana cosmetology laws, statutes, and regulations

Any licensed, approved school should easily meet these expectations! Each curriculum is unique, as each school creates their own requirements. However, as an esthetics student, you may also take courses like:
• Customer Consultation and Education
• Color Theory for Makeup
• Anti-Aging Skin Procedures and Products

As skin care becomes more and more advanced, you may see the amount of people who need esthetics services increase. Get involved in this growing industry now and contact esthetics programs in Louisiana!

Louisiana Esthetician License Requirements

If you succeed in your esthetics training program, you may be close to getting your Louisiana esthetician license. However, there is more to learn about how to get a skin care license in Louisiana. All testing and licensing is overseen by the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology. When you register to take your licensing exams, you must pay a variety of fees to cover your testing costs and get your license.

Those fees and requirements are outlined below:
• $25 theory testing fee and $25 practical testing fee
• $25 licensing fee
• Fees paid by cashier’s check or money order
• 750 hours of training

There are several reasons that esthetics is regulated in all 50 states. Not only do Louisiana esthetics license requirements prevent untrained people from calling themselves estheticians, these restrictions make it easier for the state to track beauty professionals who do not meet state practice standards. In turn, the entire beauty industry becomes stronger.

How to Get Your Louisiana Esthetician’s License Renewed

Although most states only require beauty professionals to renew their licenses every two years, Louisiana does not follow this trend. It is one of a handful of states that requires estheticians to renew annually.

You must renew your license by your birthday every year. This involves paying a $25 fee. No continuing education credits are mandated. If you fail to renew by your birthday, you may have to take a refresher course or pay a late fee on top of your standard renewal fee.

With a Louisiana esthetics license, you can work in spas and salons all over Louisiana. No matter how you want to improve the world of skin care, your journey starts here.

Use our list of schools below to request information from Louisiana esthetics programs.