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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Iowa

If you spend your free time trying new makeup looks, trying different products for your skin, and learning about how to make your skin as healthy as possible, then you already know that healthy skin is one of the most important parts of beauty. In fact, clean and healthy skin can make anyone look their best.

If you want to spend your career helping people make their skin look gorgeous, consider attending an esthetics program in Iowa.

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and it is also particularly sensitive. For that reason, you have to be highly trained before you can legally call yourself an esthetician. The first part of getting an Iowa esthetics license is attending a training program.

Whether you attend a technical college or beauty school, your curriculum should cover the following subjects:
• Core life sciences: Bacteriology, anatomy, physiology, infection control, sanitation, sterilization, chemistry, safety, and electricity (150 hours)
• Esthetics theory (115 hours)
• Applied practical instruction (335 hours)

While some states are very specific about what you have to learn to get an esthetics license, Iowa requirements leave lots of room for each instructor to teach what they feel is appropriate and necessary.

While studying skin care procedures and makeup application, you may study these subjects:
• Makeup application tools, brushes, and pigments
• Different types of facials and purposes of each one
• Cosmetology laws and statutes

If you are ready to jump into a new career path, get started now by requesting information from Iowa esthetics programs.

Iowa Esthetician License Requirements

Once you decide to go into the field of esthetics, you have to ask yourself “how do I get my esthetics license in Iowa?” Of course, the first step is completing your training. From there, you can contact the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. They will verify your training and qualifications. At that point, you can sit for your esthetics licensing exams.

Keep reading to learn more about esthetician license requirements in IA including:
• $60 licensing fee
• $58 exam fee
• Fees paid by check
• 600 hours of training
• Written test is 90 minutes

Licensing may seem like a fairly complicated process, but it serves to protect the clients and beauty professionals of Iowa. By requiring education and licensure, the beauty industry can ensure that only properly trained professionals join its ranks.

How to Get Your Iowa Esthetician’s License Renewed

In addition to covering the initial licensure process, IA esthetician license requirements also outline what you must do to continue working as an esthetician. Currently, the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences requires you to renew your license by April 1 of every even-numbered year.

During each two-year period, you must complete eight hours of continuing education. Four hours should be specifically related to esthetics and two hours must go into Iowa laws and statutes. The other two hours may be used as you see fit. The current renewal fee in Iowa is $60.

Skin care training may open up many doors for you and get you started in a field you love.

Find out more by requesting information from esthetics programs in Iowa.

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