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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Indiana

If you’re thinking about a beauty career in Indiana, you’ve chosen a great time to get involved. The beauty industry is growing all over the country, and an increasing number of people are investing their money in services and products that help them feel great. In Indiana, you may find a demand for your services in large cities like Indianapolis, college towns, and suburban communities.

One of the biggest opportunities in cosmetology is esthetics. When you become an esthetician in Indiana, you learn how to treat various skin flaws, enhance the face through makeup, and erase the signs of aging.

According to the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, a licensed esthetics program must adhere to these standards:

• Chemistry of skin care (40 hours)
• Physiology and histology (60 hours)
• Bacteriology, disinfection, sterilization, and sanitation (35 hours)
• Machinery (50 hours)
• Introduction to skin care (45 hours)
• Skin care, including massage and manipulation (155 hours)
• Makeup (55 hours)
• Hair removal (70 hours)
• Advanced spa techniques (25 hours)
• Safety precautions (20 hours)
• Professional development (20 hours)
• Salesmanship and marketing (45 hours)
• State statutes and laws (10 hours)

If a program sticks strictly to the hours listed above, instructors have 70 hours that they can use for additional training, techniques, or practice.

Your esthetics curriculum will likely touch on these topics:

• Acne treatments
• Exfoliation techniques
• Personal attitude and image
• Eyelash application

With an Indiana esthetician license, you can give clients a new lease on life. Check out local opportunities with our list of esthetics programs in Indiana.

Indiana Esthetician License Requirements

When you start approaching the end of your education, you can get ready to meet the other Indiana esthetician license requirements. Your training is a huge part of these expectations, but you must also demonstrate your knowledge and professional growth through a written a test and a skills test. This process is regulated by the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.

They have set the following standards for Indiana esthetician license applicants:

• $40 application fee
• $52 testing fee
• Fees paid by credit card
• 700 training hours required
• Tests available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese

Esthetics is a challenging field, which is why licensing is so important. To properly serve clients and meet the needs of local salons, you must know all about the chemicals used in skin care procedures and how to properly use them. Meeting these licensing standards benefits you, your customers, and local employers.

How to Get Your Indiana Esthetician’s License Renewed

Once you’ve learned how to get a skin care license in Indiana and earned your initial license, you are on your way to getting established in this field. All you have to do is stay up-to-date on Indiana renewal laws. Indiana has more relaxed renewal laws than many other states, since they only require license renewal every four years. When you renew your license, you must pay a renewal fee of $40. You do not need to meet any continuing education requirements to renew your license.

In the field of esthetics, you can change lives and help people build their confidence. Start on this new path today by contacting esthetics programs in Indiana

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