Esthetics Licensing in Idaho

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Idaho

If you’ve always appreciated the flawlessness of skin that’s been taken care of, the power that makeup has on a person’s appearance and confidence, and new advances in skin care, you were made for a career in esthetics.

Esthetics is a cosmetology specialty that focuses on the science of human skin and how to best care for it. When you attend an approved technical college or beauty school in Idaho, you can earn your Idaho esthetics license.

You may not know much about esthetics if you’ve never been to a spa. You may be surprised by how much estheticians can do.

To prepare students for licensure, Idaho schools are required to offer courses in these subjects:

• Massage and manipulation
• Application of lotions, creams, and other products
• Cosmetics
• Mechanical and electrical equipment
• Bacteriology, sanitation, and sterilization
• Safety precautions
• Anatomy and physiology
• Eyebrow arching and hair removal

Each school creates its own curriculum and has its own schedule, so you may want to compare course schedules before choosing a school.

You may take specialized esthetics coursework in:

• Modern makeup techniques
• Color theory and different skin tones
• Microdermabrasion
• Proper use of esthetics tools

There are many diverse training options in Idaho. Check out training programs near you and throughout the state by using our list of Idaho esthetics programs.

Idaho Esthetician License Requirements

Completing an esthetics program is, by far, the biggest part of earning an Idaho esthetician license. As you get close to completing your education, you should start preparing for the next step in getting your license to avoid delays. All licensing in this field is overseen by the Idaho Board of Cosmetology. Once they verify that you have met the education portion of Idaho esthetician license requirements, they permit you to register for both licensing exams.

The following guidelines and esthetics licensing standards are maintained by the Board of Cosmetology:

• $10 licensing fee
• Fees paid by check or money order
• 600 hours of training or 1200 hours of apprenticeship training
• Testing administered by DL Roope

Upon earning passing scores on both exams, you can receive your esthetician license. This license proves to employers and clients that you have met the rigorous expectations of the Idaho state government. Many estheticians report that this makes the process of finding a job much more streamlined.

How to Get Your Idaho Esthetician’s License Renewed

After you get your initial license, you still have to stay on top of esthetician license requirements in ID. These laws and statutes cover the renewal process and what you must do to continue working as an esthetician in Idaho. Although the state of Idaho does not require you to complete any continuing education hours to renew your license, they do mandate annual renewal. Renew your license by your birthday every year to avoid a late fee. The current renewal fee in Idaho is $50.

When you start working as an esthetician, you may get to work in a variety of exciting and challenging beauty settings. If you are ready to invest in yourself and your career, request information from Idaho esthetics programs today.

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