Esthetics Licensing in Georgia

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Georgia

What do you think is most important in the world of beauty? Great hair is important, of course, as is great makeup and a well-maintained set of nails. However, if you think that luminous, smooth skin is the key to beauty, then you may fit in well with the skin care community of Georgia.

Skin care specialists in Georgia work solely in esthetics and skin care procedures, including makeup application and facials. When you meet the Georgia esthetician license requirements, you can offer your services in licensed beauty salons and spas all over the state. Not only is this program considerably shorter than cosmetology programs, it lets you work exclusively in a field you are passionate about.

In your esthetician training, you must cover the following topics:

• Professional practices: Hygiene, public health and safety, bacteriology and sanitation, OSHA, communicable diseases, safety methods, and facility hygiene (150 hours)
• Professional ethics: Personal attitude and image (20 hours)
• Business practices: Georgia laws and statutes, salon development, business insurance, client records, and ethics (80 hours)
• Sciences: Histology of skin, dermatology and physiology, and theory (320 hours)
• Facials: Client consultation, skin analysis, manipulations, cleansing, toning, therapy, and spa facials (115 hours)
• Makeup: Client consultation, skin analysis, contouring, application, color accent, and camouflage makeup (90 hours)
• Hair removal: Facial hair, leg hair, body hair, and brow arching (75 hours)
• Spa and salon management: Front desk, marketing, managerial responsibilities, client retention, business management, and profit statements (75 hours)

Additional subjects and techniques your esthetics curriculum may include are listed below:

• Brow tweezing, waxing, brow and lash tinting
• European massage
• Aromatherapy
• Product therapy
• Mask therapy
• Esthetics machines

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Georgia Esthetician License Requirements

The training you get in a certified esthetics program prepares you for the rest of your career, including getting your GA esthetician license. The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers regulates the field of esthetics. After they verify your training and education hours, they allow you to register for your practical and written exams.

At this time, you must pay the following fees and meet these GA esthetician licensing requirements:

• $30 application fee
• $109 testing fee; separately, $64 practical testing fee and $45 written testing fee
• Fees paid by money order, cashier’s check, company check, or credit card
• 1000 training hours or 2000 apprenticeship hours

The main benefit of esthetician license requirements in Georgia is the protection it offers consumers. Since this job title is protected by law, no one can call themselves an esthetician unless they have completed the required training. As a result, it is easier for customers to choose a qualified esthetics professional.

How to Get Your Georgia Esthetician’s License Renewed

Once you have succeeded in becoming a licensed esthetician, you simply have to follow Georgia standards when it comes to renewing your license. To keep your Georgia esthetician license, submit your renewal application by August 31 in odd-numbered years. You must also pay a fee of $45. Currently, Georgia requires you to complete five hours of continuing education before renewing your license.

You can enjoy a rewarding career in skin care with an esthetics license. Make your move now and reach out to esthetics programs in Georgia.

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