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Esthetics Licensing in California



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in California

If you are dedicated to starting a career in the beauty industry, is there any better place to be than California? Not only does California have one of the largest and most diverse beauty industries in the entire country, it is known as a place where people like to stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. If you want to go into the field of esthetics, which includes facials, anti-aging skin care, and makeup, this means that you have a large base of potential clients.

When you welcome people to your salon chair, they may want a wide variety of services. Esthetics is an in-depth specialty, which is why it is so important to get plenty of training before you begin your career.

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, which oversees the field of esthetics, requires you to learn specific skills before you can get your California esthetician license.

The curriculum for your esthetics program must cover the following subjects:

• Manual, electrical, and chemical facials (210 hours)
• Facial preparation (15 hours)
• Laws and regulations (10 hours)
• Health and safety considerations (40 hours)
• Disinfection and sanitation (10 hours)
• Anatomy and physiology (15 hours)
• Eyebrow beautification (75 hours)
• Makeup (60 hours)

These curriculum requirements give each instructor some freedom in the subjects they cover and how they teach them.

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology recommends that the following subjects be covered in addition to the required topics above:

• Salon communication
• Tax information for salon stylists and self-employed stylists
• Maintaining client service records

Education is generally the most time-consuming part of California esthetician license requirements. Once you finish your training, you can continue through the rest of the process. Ready to start your training? Contact California esthetics programs below for more information.

California Esthetician License Requirements

From the time you select a beauty school to the day you stop working in the beauty industry of California, your career is regulated by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. They process your school records and application to ensure that you have met their educational CA esthetician license requirements.

From there, they allow you to take your practical and written exams. Once you pass these exams, you can become a fully licensed esthetics specialist.

Keep in mind the following fees and expectations usually apply:

• $9 preapplication fee (California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology)
• $75 application and testing fee
• $50 initial licensing fee
• Fees must be paid by check
• 600 hours of training

By completing each licensure step in a prompt and efficient manner, you can begin your career and start exploring the world of skin care. Licensing is crucial to the cosmetology industry, as it shows the public that they can trust licensed professionals in the field of beauty. This is quite helpful to you, especially in the early days of your career.

How to Get Your California Esthetician’s License Renewed

Like all other beauty licenses, esthetics licenses must be renewed periodically in California. Once you get your California esthetics license, you must renew it every two years by your original licensing date to avoid extra fees and training requirements. Renewal occurs in odd-numbered years. The current renewal fee is $50 and no continuing education hours are required.

The field of esthetics is always growing and changing in response to new types of technology and new techniques. Become part of this exciting field and contact esthetics programs near you to get your CA esthetician license.