Esthetics Licensing in Arizona

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Arizona

All over Arizona, people are looking for the best and most reliable way to keep their skin looking beautiful. It is pretty tough in Arizona, where the air is dry and the hot sun can age skin beyond its years. With a career in esthetics, you can spend your days beautifying people, massaging the face and neck, using various appliances and tools, and improving the overall health of skin.

The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology expects you to meet specific AZ esthetician license requirements before you begin your career. It all starts with your education! At a Board-approved school, you should go through 600 hours of training. Esthetics is a fairly extensive field, so get ready to study different areas of theory and a range of practical techniques.

All approved esthetics programs in Arizona must cover the following subjects in their curricula:
• Theory of esthetics, anatomy and physiology, diseases and disorders
• Practice of infection control and safety
• Professional ethics
• Clinical and laboratory practice
• Morphology and treatment of skin
• Product pharmacology
• Tools, instruments, and machines
• Alternative skin technology
• Client consultation
• Spa body modalities
• Exfoliation modalities
• Body and face massage
• Hair removal
• Electricity and light therapy
• Cosmetic enhancement

Once you have completed 120 of your required 600 hours, you can start working with clients. This involves carrying out specific services under the supervision of an instructor, then using their feedback to improve your techniques and processes.
In each subject, there is some freedom to cover specific techniques and advanced topics.

Your instructors may choose topics that fit in with their areas of expertise or techniques that are popular in your community.

Common non-required esthetics courses may include:
• Treating dry or sun-damaged skin
• Sun protection products
• Skin care for aged skin

Ready to spend your days with potions, lotions, and everything else that makes skin healthy and glowing? Scroll down and learn more about how to earn an Arizona esthetician license at Arizona esthetics programs.

Arizona Esthetician License Requirements

Through the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, you can apply for your esthetician license. Before you get your AZ esthetician license, you must pass two separate exams that test all of the information you learn in your training program. You are required to earn passing scores on both the written exam and the practical exam.

The following fees and expectations are part of the licensing process:
• $50 written testing fee and $50 practical testing fee (Arizona State Board of Cosmetology)
• $40 initial licensing fee
• Fees paid by personal check
• 600 hours of training required

The licensing process was created to ensure that only highly trained professionals are allowed to work with Arizona residents. To become a licensed esthetician, you must fully understand the many chemicals and compounds you use. Improper use of these chemicals can cause skin damage, leading to distrust of the beauty industry. Strict licensing standards prevent this from happening.

How to Get Your Arizona Esthetician’s License Renewed

After you get your Arizona esthetics license, you have to keep it up-to-date to keep working independently in this industry. Your initial license is good for up to two years. You must renew your license every two years by your birthday and pay a $30 renewal fee.

Skin care is one of the fastest growing specialties in the beauty industry. Take advantage of this growth and request information from esthetics programs in Arizona.

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