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Utah Cosmetology Licensing



Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Utah

Are you all about finding the latest beauty products and testing them out to see if they make your beauty routine easier? When you watch award shows and movies, are you more concerned with the hairstyles and hair colors you see than the clothes people are wearing? If any of this sounds like you, a career in beauty could very well be a logical choice for you.

However, you can’t just call yourself a cosmetologist, no matter how much you know about hair, makeup, and nail care. Before you can start working, you have to learn how to get a Utah cosmetology license from the Utah Division of Professional Licensing. Training, testing, and licensing expectations they have created are designed to help you succeed and to provide customers with the best service possible.

Accredited Utah beauty schools must cover the following areas of study in their curricula:

• Introduction: History of cosmetology and curriculum overview
• Safety: Aseptic techniques and sanitary procedures
• Business and salon management: Building a client base, professionalism, and advertising
• Legal issues
• Immune system theory
• Diseases and disorders of skin, hair, nails, and scalp
• Tools, implements, and equipment
• First aid
• Anatomy and physiology
• Related sciences
• Skin, hair, and scalp analysis
• Electricity and light therapy
• Chemical exfoliation
• Chemistry for cosmetology
• Hair removal
• Properties of hair and skin
• Hairstyling techniques, basic and advanced
• Haircutting
• Razor cutting
• Mustache and beard design
• Basic esthetics
• Cosmetics
• Aromatherapy
• Artificial nail techniques
• Pedicures and manicures

Some of your time is spent in the classroom learning about theory and terminology. Over the nine or more months you spend in school, most of your training hours should be based in practical experience.

Ready to explore what a cosmetology license can offer you? Learn how to get a beauty license in Utah and reach out to Utah beauty schools to begin.

Utah Cosmetology License Requirements

Your training is the very first step in getting your license. After you have graduated, you can apply to take your beauty exams. These tests rigorously evaluate your ability to remember important cosmetology information and properly carry out different procedures. As you work your way through school, your instructors should cover the testing process and what to expect.

The following fees and standards are required for a Utah state cosmetology license:

• Exam fee of $87
• Fees paid by cashier’s check, money order, company check, or credit card
• $60 application fee
• 1600 cosmetology school hours or 2500 apprenticeship hours accepted

Following these licensing steps gives you the chance to start your career off on the right foot. Having your license helps you quickly settle into the beauty community and start building a professional network, and it allows you to start working as soon as possible.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Utah

A valid license is required any time you are working independently, so it’s extremely important to avoid letting your license lapse. On top of keeping you out of work, renewing your license late may cost you more money. The current renewal fee in Utah is $52. Licenses must be renewed by September 30 every two years. Beauty license requirements in Utah do not include any continuing education, although skipping out on continuing education may have a negative impact on your career. Learning new skills and practicing old skills is an excellent way to stay on top of your game.

Your new career is waiting for you, so why wait anymore? Request information from Utah beauty schools to find out when training programs start.