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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Tennessee

Do you know how much a good haircut, facial, or manicure can do? Whether you are getting ready for a special event, trying to bounce back from a bad breakup, or trying to create a new image for yourself, the salon is probably your first stop. By becoming a cosmetologist, you can help people by working your magic behind the salon chair.

Earning a Tennessee cosmetology license requires you to go through the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners. The Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology decides what training cosmetology students have to receive, which schools meet their training requirements, and how you have to prove yourself before getting a cosmetology license. The screening process for a Tennessee cosmetology school is rigorous.

Any approved school in the state must follow the curriculum standards listed below:

General topics: Sterilization, sanitation, anatomy, shop ethics, salesmanship, stately (300 hours)
Chemical processes: Permanent waving, hair relaxing, hair coloring, bleaching, sculptured nails (600 hours)
Physical processes: Shampooing, rinses, hair and scalp care, hair shaping, hairdressing, facials, arching, lash and brow tinting (600 hours)

By completing the training as it is listed here, you should find that you are ready to tackle the cosmetology licensing exams, provide any service that your clients request, and become a contributing part of the Tennessee beauty community.
Picking a school is the first step to a cosmetology license.

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Tennessee Cosmetology License Requirements

Once you have completed your education, it is time to put your knowledge to the test. The Tennessee Board of Cosmetology administers a written exam and a skills test. You must pass both tests in order to receive your license.

Check out the list below to learn more about testing fees and application procedures:

• $70 fee for each test
• Fees paid by credit card, company check, cashier’s check, or money order
• 1500 hours of training required prior to testing
• Testing agency PSI offers exams in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

There are many reasons that the state of Tennessee has adopted such rigorous licensing standards. First, tough standards are par for the course in this industry. Leaders and legislators in the cosmetology industry realize that it’s important to hold practitioners to high expectations if consumers are going to trust them.

Second, standardized training helps to ensure that you can safely use all chemicals, tools, and products by the time you graduate. Although licensing is a bit of extra work on your part, it is overall a huge benefit for your career.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Tennessee

Now that you have your TN cosmetology license, don’t forget to keep it up-to-date. How do you do that? Well, just like the initial licensing process, the renewal process goes through the TN State Board of Cosmetology.

The renewal process required in Tennessee is pretty close to what you’ll find in other nearby states. You must renew your license every two years to avoid a lapsed license and late fees. The current renewal fee is $50, and late applications are charged an additional $25 in late fees. You do not have to complete any continuing education to renew your license, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be a priority for you.

A career in the cosmetology industry can change your life.

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