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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in South Carolina

With all of its tourist destinations, college towns, and huge cities, South Carolina is the place to be for an aspiring cosmetologist. If you want to spend your beauty career working with all types of people, trying out new styles, and building relationships with clients and peers, a South Carolina cosmetology license can get you there.

Before you can break out your haircutting tools and start making clients beautiful, you have to go through an extensive licensing process that tests your education, your skills, and your adherence to state laws. This process is regulated by the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology. The first part of getting your license is getting trained.

All approved beauty schools in South Carolina must cover the following topics and meet the specified training hours:

• Sanitation and sterilization (45 hours)
• Personal hygiene and grooming (30 hours)
• Professionalism (35 hours)
• Public relations and salesmanship (50 hours)
• Anatomy (45 hours)
• Dermatology (25 hours)
• Trichology (25 hours)
• Nail structure (15 hours)
• Chemistry (100 hours)
• Safety precautions (30 hours)
• Shampoos and rinses (45 hours)
• Scalp and hair care (30 hours)
• Hair shaping (150 hours)
• Hair styling (325 hours)
• Nail technology (25 hours)
• Chemical relaxing and straightening (225 hours)
• Hair coloring and bleaching (225 hours)
• Facials (30 hours)
• State law (15 hours)
• Threading (10 hours)

This leaves each school with 20 unassigned hours. Your school may use unassigned hours to set up job interviews, attend beauty events, work on a skill that the class struggles with, or cover something not addressed in the core curriculum. Many beauty schools offer programs at different start dates.

Request information from South Carolina cosmetology schools now to find out when you can start your training.

South Carolina Cosmetology License Requirements

The State Board of Cosmetology SC requirements don’t stop at your education. In fact, the training you complete is just the first part of getting your SC cosmetology license. Once your training hours are verified, you can register to take your practical and written exams. At this point, you must also pay all assigned fees.

Fees and other requirements are listed below:

• $175 testing fee; if tests are taken separately, theory testing fee is $115 and practical testing fee is $105
• Fees paid by credit card, money order, or certified check
• 1500 hours of training required
• Tests offered by PSI in the English language only

Although this process may seem fairly long, it actually moves very quickly if you have your applications and training hour documentation ready. This process is crucial to the ongoing success of the cosmetology industry, due to the use of potentially dangerous chemicals and tools in this field.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in South Carolina

On top of managing licensing laws, the South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology also sets the renewal process for all beauty professions. As a cosmetologist, you must renew your license by March 10 every two years. Assuming you renew by March 10, the fee is $52. Late applications are charged $152. During each renewal cycle, the SC Board of Cosmetology requires the completion of 12 hours of continuing education.

If you truly want to build a career in the beauty industry, developing the right skills is incredibly important.

Learn more about your options by contacting South Carolina beauty schools.

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