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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in New York

New York has one of the most exciting beauty communities in the United States. Cosmetology professionals in this state have access to New York City, the beauty capital of the country! If you’re ready to explore a career with limitless opportunities for growth and lots of flexibility, you may find what you’re looking for in the field of cosmetology.

The cosmetology industry depends on its practitioners meeting specific training standards, which means that you need to be the best cosmetologist you can be before you start working with customers. The education and licensing process is regulated by the New York State Division of Licensing Services. One of the first things you do in this career is select an educational program. To qualify for licensure, you must choose a program that is approved by the state of New York.

The curriculum of your chosen program must include the following subjects, which are all included in your cosmetology licensing exams:

• Haircutting
• Blowdrying
• Thermal curling and curling iron usage
• Chemical restructuring
• Finger waving
• Foiling
• Hair coloring
• Cosmetology laws and statutes
• Manicures and pedicures
• Facials and skin care procedures

Getting a New York state cosmetology license permits you to work with many different tools and chemicals, which is part of the reason that high-quality training is so important. Practical experience is a huge part of succeeding in cosmetology, so plan on spending many hours with mannequins and customers.

Ready to learn more about how to get a cosmetology license in New York? Reach out to cosmetology schools in New York to learn more about your options.

New York Cosmetology License Requirements

The next step in getting your New York cosmetology license is registering for your tests. Although you have completed the training needed in New York, you must now demonstrate that you have really mastered the field of cosmetology.

The following fees and training requirements are specific to New York:

• $15 exam fee for the written exam and $15 exam fee for the skills test
• Fees to be paid by American Express, MasterCard, or Visa
• $40 licensing fee and $10 temporary licensing fee
• 1000 hours of education required

When you go through the process of earning your cosmetology license, you get exposure to all of the skills and areas of expertise that customers deserve. This is good news for customers because it means that any licensed cosmetologist they go to can safely work on their hair, and it’s good news for you because you can feel confident that you are ready to contribute to this industry.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in New York

One of the benefits of getting your NY cosmetology license is the straightforward renewal process. New York only requires you to renew your license every four years and they currently do not require the completion of any continuing education hours. However, your employer may still require you to attend continuing education events as part of your employment contract. In addition, continuing education can help you stay current on industry trends and new cosmetology products.

Renewing on time costs $40. If you renew after the date on your form, you must pay a fee of $50.

An exciting career in the beauty industry begins with an NY state cosmetology license. Contact New York beauty schools today to find out when programs in your area start.

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