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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Mississippi

If you dream about spending your days working in beauty salons, trying out new hairstyles, and working with cool new beauty tools every year, then why don’t you have your Mississippi cosmetology license yet? With a beauty license, you can work in any of the salons, spas, or beauty shops found in every part of Mississippi.

There is more to this field than cutting hair and styling it for special events. In fact, you must understand every aspect of the cosmetology industry before you qualify for a license. This includes lots of different subjects in hair care, but it also includes nail care and skin care.

The Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology, the agency that oversees the field of cosmetology in Mississippi, requires all approved schools to include the following topics in their curriculum:

• Professional image, ethics, and conduct
• Mississippi cosmetology laws and regulations
• General science
• Hair science
• Hair treatments and services
• Skin science
• Skin care and treatments
• Nail science
• Nail care

Most subjects on this list include theory and practical work. In total, you must have at least 230 hours of theory and 1200 hours of practical training. The remaining 70 hours you need to get your license may be devoted to career days, job interviews, competitions, field trips, and other relevant events.

Education is the most important part of getting started in the beauty industry. Find out what your options are by contacting beauty schools in Mississippi below.

Mississippi Cosmetology License Requirements

An MS cosmetology license shows employers and customers that you meet all standards laid out by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology. After you finish your training, you are very close to getting your official license. You must then prove your cosmetology skills by taking two exams. The written exam challenges your knowledge of theory, laws, and standards. The practical exam looks at how well you can carry out different procedures and tasks.

Find out what fees you have to pay and which tests you have to take:

• $183 to take written exam and skills exam; $93 each to retake either
• Fees paid by check or money order
• $50 licensing fee
• 1500 training hours required prior to testing
• Tests only offered in English

Some students wonder why a cosmetology license is necessary. The fact is that cosmetology licensing benefits clients and professionals alike. When clients go to a licensed beauty salon, they can rest easy knowing that they are being worked on by a licensed professional cosmetologist. This benefits you because you can spend your time working with clients and perfecting your skills, rather than trying to convince employers and customers that you can be trusted with a pair of shears.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Mississippi
The MS State Board of Cosmetology has rigorous licensing requirements, but it also has requirements in place for license renewal. Currently, cosmetology licenses must be renewed every two years. You can submit your application to the Board of Cosmetology with your $50 renewal fee.

Although Mississippi does not have any continuing education requirements, you may discover that continuing education is a big part of succeeding in this industry and bringing new clients to your salon chair. The beauty industry is always changing and bringing new opportunities to customers and cosmetologists.

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