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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Maryland

If you are naturally stylish and interested in the beauty community, you have likely considered a career in the beauty industry. Stylists who can perfect the latest trends, understand a client’s requests, and make people feel comfortable are in high demand at salons throughout the state. Many people who wish to work in this industry decide to earn a cosmetology license, since a cosmetology license gives you quite a bit of flexibility in your career.

This field is highly regulated, so you should be willing to prove yourself throughout the licensure process to begin working. The process of earning a Maryland cosmetology license goes through the Maryland Board of Cosmetologists.

To be able to carry out the duties of this job, you must get trained in the following areas at an approved school:

• Haircutting
• Hair relaxing
• Finger waving
• Hairstyling
• Chemical hair processing
• Shampoo and rinsing
• Hygiene and sanitation
• Bacteriology
• Anatomy
• Ethics
• Hair coloring
• Manicuring
• Perms
• Waving
• Facials
• Sterilization
• Draping

Practical experience is the main part of your education. After getting a quick introduction to theory in the classroom, you should spend the majority of your time working the salon floor and practicing your techniques.

Interested in starting a career as a cosmetologist? Contact Maryland beauty schools to learn more about earning an MD cosmetology license.

Maryland Cosmetology License Requirements

Of course, your education is meant to make you a confident beauty professional who can work on any client and meet their requests. However, it is also meant to get you ready for the rigorous testing process in Maryland. After completing your training, you can take the written and skills tests in Maryland to get your license.

Fees and specific testing information can be found here:

• $50 for written test and $50 for skills test; combined fee of $80 if tests taken together
• Fees must be paid online with a credit card
• $25 initial licensing fee
• 1500 training hours or 24 months of an apprenticeship must be completed
• Tests administered by PSI

When you look at the history of the cosmetology industry, it is clear why Maryland has such strict licensing expectations. In fact, these expectations can be found in any other state. Requiring cosmetologists to earn a license means that this job title is protected, increasing customer confidence in the industry. This may help you get customers, especially in the early days of your career when you are still trying to build a good reputation.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Maryland

Once you have earned your Maryland state cosmetology license, you should be ready to start working. However, you do still need to stay active in the industry to keep your license valid. In Maryland, licenses must be renewed every two years.

If you renew one time, the fee is only $25. If you submit your application after the due date, you must pay an additional late fee of $25. Maryland, like many other states throughout the country, does not currently require the completion of any continuing education credits for renewal.

The process of earning an MD state cosmetology license is a lot of work, but it gives you the opportunity to get established in a career that you love.

If you are ready to get started, take a look at our list of schools below and contact Maryland beauty programs for more information.