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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Louisiana

Are you able to strike up a conversation with anyone you meet? Is going to a beauty supply store like Christmas morning for you? Do you often see people and think about how a slight change in their makeup, hair style, or hair color could completely change them?

If so, your willingness to help people and your passion for the beauty industry could put you in a great position to become a cosmetologist. All over Louisiana, cosmetologists are trusted by millions of people for hairstyling, hair removal, chemical processes, nail care, and skin care.

Before you jump into your education, you should be familiar with the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology. This government agency licenses all cosmetology professionals in Louisiana. This means that they are responsible for setting training standards, educational standards, and testing requirements.

Before you can earn a Louisiana cosmetology license, the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology requires you to study these topics at an accredited school:

• Infection control
• Shampooing
• Draping
• Rinses and conditioners
• Scalp
• Facials
• Makeup
• Manicuring
• Hair coloring
• Hair lightening
• Chemical waving
• Chemical relaxing
• Hair shaping
• Hair cutting
• Louisiana Cosmetology Act

Your school still has some freedom in what they teach, as there are discretionary hours left once the above topics are accounted for. You may learn about topics like hair braiding, professionalism and ethics in cosmetology, salon management, and client communication. Some schools take students on field trips to events like trade shows, beauty expos, and networking events.

Ready to find out how an LA cosmetology license can change the future of your career? It’s easy—scroll down and contact Louisiana beauty schools for more information.

Louisiana Cosmetology License Requirements

By the time you walk out of beauty school with a diploma or certificate in your hand, you should feel very confident about the skills you bring to the table. You may spend more than nine months in school, giving you plenty of time to develop your skills and confidence.

Here are more details on how to get a beauty license in Louisiana:

• $25 initial licensing fee
• Fees paid by check or money order
• 1500 training hours required—no apprenticeship option
• May apply to take written examination after completion of 1000 hours (must still complete full 1500 hours of training)

Every step in the licensure process of Louisiana meets an important need. Not only does this process gives consumers confidence in beauty professionals, it offers legitimacy to the field of cosmetology and empowers cosmetologists. Just by displaying your cosmetology license, you can show salon owners, employers, and clients the amount of work you’ve gone through to start your career.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Louisiana

When it comes to renewal, LA state cosmetology licensing requirements are a bit stricter than those found in other states. You must renew your license every year if you want to keep working in Louisiana. To avoid late fees, you must renew your license by your birthday each year.

The in-state renewal fee is $25. If you are renewing an out-of-state license, you must pay a $50 renewal fee. Continuing education is not a required part of the renewal process in Louisiana, but you still may wish to take advantage of events and training classes near you. Doing so may help you expand your career and reach more customers.

Beauty is a career field that is always changing and creating new offerings for customers. Become part of this exciting field now by contacting cosmetology schools in Louisiana.