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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Kentucky

Nothing can change someone’s view of themselves and their outlook on life like a new hairstyle. There’s a reason that so many women go to get their hair cut after a bad divorce or breakup—it gives them a new lease on life. When you start a career in the field of cosmetology, you can become part of all of this. Kentucky spas and salons rely on passionate cosmetology professionals like you to provide customers with the expertise they need.

Throughout your career, the work you do and the standards you meet are regulated by the Kentucky Board of Hairdressers & Cosmetologists. They create the testing requirements for Kentucky cosmetology professionals and regulate what cosmetology professionals are allowed to do.

They require you to study the following topics at an approved beauty school in order to develop the skills needed to work as a cosmetologist:

• Overview of the cosmetology profession
• Salon procedures
• Responsibilities of a cosmetologist
• Specialty esthetics services
• Nail technology
• Anatomy and osteology
• Cosmetics
• Scalp and hair treatments
• Shampoos and rinses
• Hair coloring
• Hair lightening
• Cold waving
• Sterilization and sanitation
• Hair shaping
• Hair styling
• Wig care

Depending on the school you attend and the skills of your instructors, you may spend more time on certain topics than others. If one particular technique or procedure is extremely popular in your region, you may dedicate some extra time to that. Utilize this time to learn all that you can from your instructors, since they likely have years of cosmetology experience.

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Kentucky Cosmetology License Requirements

Completing your training is the first part of the licensure process in this state. After you have finished your school’s curriculum, you can start meeting the rest of the state of Kentucky cosmetology license requirements. This means taking a thorough cosmetology exam, paying the appropriate fees, and submitting proof of your education to the Board of Cosmetology.

These are the rules set out by this licensing agency:

• $75 testing fee, additional $32 if retest required
• Fees paid by money order, cashier’s check, or cash (exact change only; cash in-person only)
• $25 licensing fee paid with application
• 1800 training hours required—no apprenticeship option

By carefully following these licensing expectations, you are contributing to the strength of the cosmetology industry in Kentucky. The licensing process weeds out those who are unwilling to put in the hard work needed to learn the craft of cosmetology and gives customers the freedom to choose from highly trained cosmetology professionals.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Kentucky

The licensing process in Kentucky ends with you getting your Kentucky cosmetology license, which allows you to work independently at licensed beauty salons and spas throughout the state. An individual cosmetology license is also the first step to becoming self-employed as a cosmetologist.

When your initial licensure period is over, you must renew your license if you want to keep working in Kentucky. KY Board of Cosmetology license requirements note that you have to renew your license on an annual basis by July 31. You must follow this renewal schedule, no matter how short of a time you have your initial license by July 31. The renewal fee in Kentucky is $20. Currently, no continuing education is required for cosmetologists in Kentucky. You may still wish to further your education whenever possible, since this industry changes quickly.

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