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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Kansas

Are you naturally creative and good at picking out the latest trends? Do your friends and family members always come to you with questions about hair, makeup, or nails? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the cosmetology industry of Kansas needs you.

By working hard and going through the process of earning a Kansas cosmetology license, you can do a lot to serve the people of Kansas and get established in a fun career.

When you think of cosmetology, you probably think of hair. However, the field of cosmetology also covers nail care, skin care, and other aspects of physical beauty. To offer your customers the service they deserve, you need to understand the theory of these procedures and know how to use your knowledge behind the chair. That’s why the Kansas Board of Cosmetology has set such high educational standards for cosmetology professionals.

By the time you graduate, you should have gotten tons of practical experience in the following areas:

• Hair dressing and arranging
• Curling and waving hair
• Cleansing hair
• Hair coloring or bleaching
• Hair relaxing
• Hair conditioning
• Hair cutting
• Skin beautifying procedures
• Makeup
• Temporary hair removal
• Manicuring and pedicuring nails
• Sculpted nails

Choosing the right school can help you learn more, built a network of contacts in the industry, and succeed as a cosmetologist. Check out your options below and contact Kansas cosmetology schools for more information.

Kansas Cosmetology License Requirements

You should feel ready to take on the rest of the KS state cosmetology licensing requirements after you finish your training. After all, training takes almost a full year of work, so you should be excited for the next step in your career.

The Kansas Board of Cosmetology sets the following standards and fees for applicants:

• Written exam fee of $75 and practical exam fee of $75
• Credit card or payment voucher; factor in two-week waiting period for voucher
• $45 license application fee—credit card, check, money order
• 1500 hours of training required, no apprenticeship option

Having a KS cosmetology license is crucial to your career. You may get hired by a salon before you have your license in hand—some students even get hired before they graduate because they show so much potential. However, you cannot begin working in a salon setting until you have your license. These strict requirements protect customers from untrained or untested cosmetology professionals. You may also use your cosmetology license to get access to training events, product discounts, and other special benefits.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Kansas

Getting your cosmetology license should be one of your most exciting accomplishments. It takes tons of training and practice to get to this level, so enjoy getting established in your career. Remember that you must follow KS Board of Cosmetology license requirements to keep your license renewed and up-to-date.

This means renewing your personal cosmetology license every two years. Your paperwork must be submitted by the last day of your birth month. The current renewal fee is $45. If you are late, plan on paying a $25 late fee on top of your renewal fee.

If you can’t wait to spend your days beautifying hair, skin, and nails, don’t wait any longer. Take a look at our list of Kansas beauty schools below and contact programs near you to find out more about your options.