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Illinois Cosmetology Licensing



Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Illinois

You are looking for a beauty career that gives you the freedom to work with lots of different people, keep a packed schedule, and explore new techniques and procedures all the time. Why not consider earning an Illinois cosmetology license? By following the licensing rules of the Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding, and Nail Technology Board, you can offer your services at spas and salons all over the state of Illinois.

One of the advantages of working in cosmetology is the fact that you can earn your license pretty quickly when you compare cosmetology programs to other types of post-high school education. As an Illinois student, you have to complete at least 1500 hours in an approved cosmetology program.

Your school must provide thorough training in these subjects:

• Hair arranging
• Hair braiding
• Hair dressing
• Hair cutting and trimming
• Curling, waving, and straightening hair
• Chemical restructuring
• Bleaching and coloring hair
• Manicures
• Sculptured nails
• Pedicures
• Skin care
• Facials

Some of your time in cosmetology school should be spent in the classroom, since you do have to study theory and terminology before you can safely work with certain items and chemicals. However, you may find that you get the most experience and feedback when working on the salon floor. You start by working with mannequin heads, but you can begin working with clients after you reach a certain number of training hours.

The Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding, and Nail Technology Board doesn’t require schools to teach business skills and salon management, but you may find that many schools cover the subjects. This type of training can give you the business skills you need to build a client base and adapt to life in the beauty industry.

Are you ready to take the first step to an Illinois state cosmetology license? It’s easy to contact schools near you with our list of beauty schools below.

Illinois Cosmetology License Requirements

Licensing is a cornerstone of the cosmetology industry, so you should definitely spend some time getting familiar with the cosmetology licensing process of Illinois. Working with customers before you are properly licensed can lead to fines and license suspension, so follow these standards carefully:

• Combined testing fee of $180
• Fees must be paid by check or money order made out to Continental Testing Services
• Licensing fee covered in combined testing fee
• 1500 training hours required; no apprenticeship option
• May apply to take exam after completing 1000 hours of education

As a cosmetologist, you can benefit a lot from the state of Illinois cosmetology license requirements. These license requirements ensure that you and your fellow cosmetology professionals are held to the same high standards of practice, training, and experience. This improves the public perception of cosmetology as a field, while giving you a qualification that you can use in your job search.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Illinois

After you get your first IL cosmetology license, it is up to you to keep the license valid by meeting the state’s renewal requirements. Illinois standards are pretty close to those found in most other states. You must renew your license by September 30 of every even-numbered year. During each two-year period, you must earn and document 14 hours of continuing education. You can submit your review will application with your $50 renewal fee.

It’s time to start your beauty career in the nationally known salons of Chicago or one of the fashion-forward suburbs in the state. Request information from schools below to learn how to get a cosmetology license in Illinois.