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Florida Cosmetology Licensing



Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Florida

Florida can be a fantastic place to start your cosmetology career. With all of the colleges located throughout the state and the millions of tourists that travel to this beautiful state every year, you can make bank as a cosmetologist. As an added bonus, this can also mean getting experience with lots of different techniques, styles, and demographic groups.

The Florida Board of Cosmetology works hard to make sure that professionals working in the cosmetology field in Florida meet the standards of this industry. The school you choose must be approved by the Board of Cosmetology and you must earn your Florida state cosmetology license through them.

To qualify for licensure as a cosmetologist, you must attend a school with a curriculum that covers the following subjects:

• Sanitation and disinfection
• Hair shaping
• Scalp treatments and hair rinses
• Shampoos and rinses
• Hairstyling
• Hair coloring
• Chemical waving/relaxing/straightening
• Manicuring/nail extensions

Beauty salon management is an optional, but recommended, topic of study for cosmetology students. Choosing a school that offers some salon management training can help you prepare for the different responsibilities you might have as a cosmetologist.

There are many beauty schools in Florida that are ready to help you learn how to get a cosmetology license in Florida. Request information from schools below.

Florida Cosmetology License Requirements

You should feel confident about your cosmetology skills and your ability to perform procedures independently after you complete your education. However, you may not work independently until you meet the state of Florida cosmetology license requirements. These requirements involve passing tests that prove your skills and registering with the Board of Cosmetology.

Keep reading to find out the fees and expectations associated with cosmetology licensure:

• $50 testing fee
• Fees paid by credit card or electronic check
• $40 initial license fee
• Must complete 1,200 training hours; no apprentice option in Florida
• You may take the exam after completing 1,000 hours, although you must still complete all 1,200 hours
• Testing goes through Pearson VUE

Making all cosmetology professionals meet the same standards and testing requirements is a big part of the success of the cosmetology industry. When cosmetology was not a licensed profession, it was easy for anyone to call themselves a cosmetologist. This meant that untrained employees could seriously harm clients, either intentionally or unintentionally.

New licensure requirements mean that customers are protected from rogue beauty professionals, and they can trust that they won’t receive unprofessional or dangerous care when they sit down in the salon chair.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Florida

A major part of keeping your Florida cosmetology license is renewing it on time during every renewal cycle. When you get your license, you will be assigned to Group 1 or Group 2. Licenses in Group 1 must be renewed by October 31 of even-numbered years, while licenses in Group 2 must be renewed by October 31 of odd-numbered years. In either case, the renewal fee is $45.

Before you can qualify for license renewal, you must complete at least 16 hours of continuing education. Continuing education hours may be earned at Board-sponsored training events, trade shows, some on training classes, or approved seminars.

The sooner you learn more about earning an FL cosmetology license and what it takes to succeed in this industry, the sooner you can start your career. Find out more by reaching out to cosmetology programs in Florida.