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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Washington DC

A career in beauty can completely change your life and give you something new to look forward to every single day! This field has changed a lot in recent years, and you can really make an impact by becoming a cosmetologist. Of course, working in a salon is a great way to put your skills to use. However, you can also make a name for yourself through YouTube tutorials, Instagram hairstyle photos, and blogging.

It all begins with a beauty license. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs regulates beauty licensing in Washington DC, although the entire licensing process actually goes through Pearson VUE. The first step to getting a DC cosmetology license is enrolling in a beauty school that meets the training standards of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. All approved schools in Washington DC must cover the following topics for the specified amount of hours:

• Manicuring and pedicuring (50 hours)
• Pressing (100 hours)
• Croquinole styling (100 hours)
• Braiding (35 hours)
• Shampooing (40 hours)
• Permanent waving (150 hours)
• Wet curls (100 hours)
• Facials and massage (50 hours)
• Scalp treatments (25 hours)
• Dyeing and bleaching (100 hours)
• Haircutting (100 hours)
• Wigs (25 hours)
• Chemical straightening (225 hours)
• Electrology (75 hours)
• Personal hygiene (50 hours)
• Ethics and salesmanship (25 hours)
• Courtesy and DC law (50 hours)
• Anatomy, physiology, other sciences (150 hours)

The majority of the training you get for your District of Columbia cosmetology license should cover hands-on skills. A minimum amount of time is spent in the classroom to cover theory, terminology, and laws. However, once you learn the basics of any procedure, you should then spend many hours practicing it on mannequin heads and clients.
Find out what the beauty community of Washington DC has for you. Look at our list of schools below and contact Washington DC beauty programs for more information.

Washington DC Cosmetology License Requirements

Some of the requirements for a cosmetology license in DC cover the fees you have to pay. Once you finish your training and you are ready to take your exams, you have to pay a variety of fees before you can get your license. The following fees and licensing requirements are enforced in Washington DC:

• $55 exam fee
• $65 application fee
• $110 license fee
• Fees paid by personal check, cashier’s check, money order
• 1500 hours of training required
• Tests administered by Pearson VUE
• Tests must be taken in English or applicants can arrange for translation into other language

Beauty license requirements seem excessive to those outside the industry, but you’ll quickly realize their value once you start working. It is much easier for employers and clients to assess potential hires or stylists when they can evaluate their training through licensure. In addition, the testing process means that the industry does not have to represent people with inadequate training or skills.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Washington DC

Part of learning how to get a cosmetology license in DC involves knowing how and when to renew your license. To continue practicing as a cosmetologist, you must renew your license by September 30 in every odd-numbered year. In each renewal cycle, you must earn six units of continuing education. Two units must cover sanitation and safety. The other four units can be in any cosmetology topic.

You could be a licensed cosmetologist in a matter of months. Contact beauty schools in Washington DC to learn more about getting into a cosmetology program.

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.