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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Delaware

Nothing feels quite as good as going to the salon, getting an entirely new look, and walking out the doors feeling like a new person. For generations, cosmetologists have been magicians behind the chair, restoring self-esteem and helping clients look better than they ever thought possible. When you earn a Delaware cosmetology license, you can spend your work days changing people’s lives and exploring new and challenging techniques.

Since cosmetologists are licensed to work with hair, skin, and nails, you have to get quite a bit of training before you can earn your license. The Board of Cosmetology and Barbering in Delaware has decided to require 1500 training hours for cosmetology applicants.

The curriculum at your cosmetology school must cover these topics:

• Infection control
• Human anatomy and physiology
• Chemistry
• Hairstyling
• Chemical services
• Hair coloring procedures
• Skin histologyy
• Hair removal
• Facial procedures
• Nail care
• Advanced nail care
• Delaware statutes

As you work your way through the practical topics on this list, you should get dozens of opportunities to practice them. After you have spent enough time training on mannequin heads, your school should allow you to start working with real clients under the supervision of an instructor.

Cosmetology schools often start new programs several times per year, so you could possibly start your training in a matter of weeks.

Find out what options you have by requesting information from beauty schools in Delaware.

Delaware Cosmetology License Requirements

DE state cosmetology licensing requirements cover your education, the testing process, the fees you have to pay, and the paperwork you must submit to become a licensed cosmetologist in this state.

Education is a big part of these requirements, but you must also stick to these state standards:

• Theory testing fee of $160, practical testing fee of $145
• Payments accepted by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
• No application fee, but apprentice registration comes with fee of $40 and a temporary permit costs $40
• May complete 3,000 apprenticeship hours instead of 1,500 regular training hours
• After taking exam, must wait for PCS to send exam results to Delaware Board of Cosmetology and Barbering; may still work by applying for temporary permit

You should discover that requirements for a cosmetology license in DE help you more quickly get established in your career and in your local beauty community. The strict licensing standards of Delaware mean that your job title is protected from people who do not have the same training and education that you have worked so hard for. In turn, salon owners and customers have a much easier time checking out your credentials and trusting you behind the salon chair.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Delaware

The license renewal process of Delaware is very similar to what you’ll find across the country. To keep working as a cosmetologist, you must renew your license every two years by October 31. This means that your initial license will last less than two years, since no license is legally allowed to remain valid for more than two years. There are no continuing education requirements in Delaware.

DE cosmetology license renewal fees change each renewal period, so you should be notified of the current fee when you receive your renewal notice in the mail. If you submit your application after October 31, you must pay an additional fee equal to 50% of the current renewal fee.

No matter which demographic group you want to work with or what most interests you about the cosmetology field, it all starts with education. Contact beauty schools in Delaware to get started today.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.