Oregon Barber License & Training Requirements

Earning an Oregon Barbering School License

Every time you go to the store or walk down the street, you see the handiwork of professional barbers in the men’s hairstyles, facial hair, and bald heads you see. In Oregon, the training required to acquire professional barber licensing is regulated by the Oregon Board of Cosmetology. You’ll need to complete at least 1,350 hours of specific training at an approved cosmetology or barbering school to earn your barber license. The combined 1,350 hours of training break down specifically into these barber licensing requirements:

Oregon Barbering Course Program Hours  

  • Safety and Infection Control – 150 hours
  • Career Development – 150 hours
  • Implements, tools, and Equipment – 25 hours
  • Disorders of the Skin, Scalp, and Hair – 50 hours
  • Draping, Shampooing, Rinsing, and Conditioning – 50 hours
  • Facial Massage and Treatments – 10 hours
  • Hair Cutting – 600 hours
  • Hair Styling – 150 hours
  • Shaving, Mustache, and Beard Design – 50 hours
  • Artificial Hair/Hairpieces – 5 hours
  • Electricity, Light Therapy, Chemistry, and Anatomy – 25 hours

Before you graduate, your school will administer a practice exam to prepare you for the official one you’ll take to earn your barbering license. Once you pass this test, you’ll coordinate with The State of Oregon’s Health Licensing Office to submit the transcripts from your Oregon barber classes, take your test, and earn your barber license.

Oregon Barber Training and License Requirements

Once you’ve successfully graduated from your Oregon barbering school, here are the official steps to earning your license:

  • Watch for an email with a link to Oregon cosmetology practitioner information. Download this packet and read it carefully.
  • Submit your written barbering examination application.
  • Next, submit your Oregon Cosmetology Practitioner Application.
  • Also, submit your official school transcripts to verify the training and education you completed along with proof you passed your practice examination.
  • Pay your Oregon Laws and Rules Fee.
  • Pay your Barbering Written Exam Fee.

Passing your Oregon Licensing and Barbering Written Examinations

Once the Board approves your examination application, you can take your written exams on a walk-in basis. Make it your goal to arrive by 9 am to give yourself enough time to find your test location and complete both exams, which take about 1½ hours to complete combined.


Oregon Barbering Written Exam

This written exam includes 100 questions concerning barbering theory that cover:

  • Diseases/disorders – 27 questions
  • Hair properties – 10 questions
  • Hair cutting – 21 questions
  • Mustache – 8 questions
  • Equipment/ implements – 4 questions
  • Beards – 4 questions
  • Shaving – 10 questions
  • Skin properties – 16 questions

Oregon Laws and Rules Exam

This 90-question exam tests your knowledge of the following laws and rules:

  • Definitions – 21 questions
  • Facility standards – 35 questions
  • Practice standards – 6 questions
  • Facility operations – 6 questions
  • Examinations – 5 questions
  • Licensing/certification – 9 questions
  • Chemicals – 8 questions

You’ll need 75% or higher scores to pass both tests. Once you pass, the rest is easy: go to the counter, pay your certification fee for both and your license will be issued. Salem OHLA applicants will receive their actual license; Oregon barbering license applicants who apply elsewhere receive their licenses by mail.  

Reciprocity for Out-of-State Barber Licenses

If you’ve already earned barbering credentials in another state, Oregon grants reciprocity licenses. Follow these steps to transfer your barber license:

Requirements for Renewing Your Oregon Barber License

Your Oregon barber license is good for two years, which flies by fast once you’re working as a professional barber. Remember to watch for a renewal application for your license every two years, which should come from the Oregon Board of Cosmetology about six weeks before your license expires.

Since there’s no continuing education requirement for Oregon barbers, you can renew online or by mail simply by submitting your application and licensing fee. That said, keep in mind continuing education is a great way to ensure you have the latest knowledge on men’s hair and beard styles.

While the state’s rules and regulations are specific, they will work to your advantage once you have your Oregon barbering license. Potential clients will be comfortable knowing you’ve met the state’s rigorous licensing standards and you’re well qualified to meet their grooming needs.
Your license is also your ticket to finding a job in a fast-growing field. Oregon’s local barbering renaissance is well underway, which dovetails with double-digit growth in demand for barbers nationwide. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects this trend will last through 2026, so don’t delay! It’s a great time to acquire the skills and training you’ll need to offer the latest men’s styles as a professionally licensed Oregon barber.

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