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North Carolina Barber License and Training Requirements

Required Barbering Courses in North Carolina Barbering Schools

Are you ready to attend barber school and start building a new career in the beauty industry? This could be the perfect time to get involved in this field. Barbers are in high demand throughout the United States, thanks to their specialized knowledge of men’s hair care and facial hair care. To get your barber license through the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners, you have to take specific barber courses. In North Carolina, the following topics are a required part of your training.

North Carolina Theory Barber Classes

  • Hygiene and grooming: 25 hours
  • Sterilization, sanitation, and bacteriology: 50 hours
  • Implements, honing, stropping, and shaving: 30 hours
  • Men’s haircutting:  20 hours
  • Cutting and styling curly hair: 10 hours
  • Shampooing and rinsing: 10 hours
  • Massage and facial treatments: 5 hours
  • Men’s and women’s razor cutting: 30 hours
  • Finger waving, air waving, and curling iron: 25 hours
  • Hair coloring: 10 hours
  • Men’s hair pieces: 5 hours
  • Skin, scalp, and hair: 30 hours
  • Disorders of skin, scalp, and hair: 15 hours
  • Anatomy and physiology: 10 hours
  • Electricity: 10 hours
  • Barber styling and shop management: 70 hours
  • Licensing laws and rules: 20 hours

North Carolina Supervised Practice and Demonstrations

  • Shampooing: 70 hours
  • Shaving: 70 hours
  • Tapered hair cutting: 320 hours
  • Hair styling of men and women: 500 hours
  • Facials, massages, and packs: 15 hours
  • Bleaching, frosting, and hair coloring: 120 hours
  • Cutting and fitting hair pieces: 10 hours
  • Hair straightening: 8 hours
  • Analyzing and treating skin and hair disorders: 20 hours
  • Men’s and women’s razor cutting: 15 hours

Before you get your license, you have to complete 1528 hours of training and an apprenticeship. Get the ball rolling on your barbering career today and contact barber college programs near you.

North Carolina Barber Training and License Requirements

Once your NC barbering education is behind you, it’s time to apply for your barber license. North Carolina sets the following requirements and fees for barbering applicants.

North Carolina Barbering License Specifics

  • Testing costs: $85 testing fee per test
  • Accepted payment methods: Fees payable by check, money order, or cashier’s check
  • License/application fees: $50 licensing fee
  • Apprenticeship options: Must complete one-year apprenticeship in addition to training program

Regulation upholds the strong reputation of the beauty industry and gives you an easy way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers. This may be especially helpful to you in the early days of your career.

Requirements for Renewing Your Barber License in North Carolina

Upon receiving your barbering license in NC, you have to renew it every year. Renewal documents are due by May 31. You also have to pay a $50 renewal fee. Currently, there are no continuing education requirements in North Carolina. However, if you want to keep growing in your barbering career, you may want to attend continuing education events to learn about new techniques and styles.

Don’t wait any longer to start building a career you love. Contact North Carolina barbering programs today to learn more about your options.

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.