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Nevada Barber License and Training Requirements

Required Barbering Courses in Nevada Barbering Schools

With so many exciting careers in the beauty industry, there’s a great fit for everyone who loves looking their best! If you are big into hairstyling and you work well with men, becoming a barber could be the right choice for you. At a Nevada barber school, your path to licensure begins when you get at least 1500 hours of training. This is required by the Nevada Barbers’ Health and Sanitation Board, which oversees all licensing of barbering professionals. The training you get has to include certain barbering courses, as well as 200 hours of theory training. Lots of hands-on practice is required in this field, which is why state requirements include the minimum procedure amounts below.

Nevada Barber Classes

  • 700 hair cuts
  • 100 shaves
  • 75 shampoos
  • 50 scalp treatments
  • 50 facials
  • 50 tonic applications
  • 15 hair colorings
  • 15 hair straightenings
  • 50 stylings
  • 15 hairpiece fittings
  • 200 hours of theory training

Once you’ve finished your education at a barber college, you may be well on your way to your license. Try to get as much experience as you can while attending barbering courses in Nevada, since practice may help you offer better service to clients. Find out what it takes to earn a barber license in Nevada now by contacting schools near you!

Nevada Barber Training and License Requirements

Training is the most time-consuming part of getting a Nevada barber license, but it’s not the end of the process. In fact, there’s still quite a bit you have to do to become licensed! First, you have to pay all of your barber license NV fees and schedule your exams. After passing the practical test and written test, you can wait for your license to arrive in the mail.

Nevada Barbering License Specifics

  • Testing costs: $100 testing fee
  • Accepted payment methods: Fees payable by money order
  • License/application fees: $15 application fee
  • Apprenticeship options: Not available in Nevada
  • Tests are given four times per year

You may wonder why it takes so long to become a barber in Nevada. All states have licensing restrictions for barbers, since you have access to potentially harmful chemicals and tools in this career. By requiring a specific amount and type of training, the beauty industry ensures that clients are protected from low-quality customer service.

Requirements for Renewing Your Barber License in Nevada

Nevada is one of many states that requires barbers to renew their license every two years. The renewal fee is $50, which doubles to $100 if you renew late. Renewal fees and documents are due by May 1 every two years.

Currently, there are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Nevada. However, it’s still important to keep your skills fresh and relevant if you want to thrive in this career. Go to training seminars and trade shows to keep up on the techniques and products that can help your career grow.

Ready to leave your mark on the beauty industry? Get the ball rolling now by reaching out to barbering schools in Nevada!

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.