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Colorado Barber License and Training Requirements

Required Barbering Courses in Colorado Barbering Schools

Ready to spend your days doing new hairstyles, perfecting different facial hair styles, and giving skin care tips? A barber license in CO could be exactly what you’re looking for. Barbers specialize in men’s hair care, hair cuts, hair styles, and facial hair maintenance.

This field is overseen by the Colorado Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure, which requires that all barbering applicants get at least 1,500 hours of training prior to licensure. Colorado does not have any apprenticeship options, so it’s important to find a barbering school that fits your schedule and your career goals.

Colorado Barber Classes

  • Sanitation, sterilization, and safety: 45 hours
  • Permanent waving and chemical relaxing: 250 hours
  • Massage and skin care: 150 hours
  • Shampoo and scalp treatments: 150 hours
  • Hair tinting: 135 hours
  • Hair cutting and styling: 300 hours
  • Shaving, honing, and stropping: 150 hours
  • Laws, rules, and regulations: 25 hours
  • Management, ethics, interpersonal skills, and salesmanship: 25 hours
  • Occupational safety and health: 20 hours

This leaves each barbering program with 250 unassigned hours. Depending on which barber school you attend, you may get additional time with clients, practice new or challenging skills, or attend professional seminars.

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Colorado Barber Training and License Requirements

As you get close to finishing your training hours at an approved barber college, you can start applying for your barbering license. The Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure verifies your educational hours and approves your application before you schedule your written and practical exams through PSI. Once you pass both of your exams, you can get your license and begin working.

Colorado Barbering License Specifics

  • Testing costs: $71 for the practical exam and $56 for the written exam
  • Accepted payment methods: Company check, money order, or cashier’s check
  • License/application fees: $28

There are several reasons that the field of barbering is strictly regulated throughout the United States. Most cosmetology specialties have similar licensure requirements, due to the fact that many beauty tools and chemicals can cause harm to clients when used incorrectly.

Ensuring that barbers all have the same level of training before working unsupervised with clients minimizes the risk of harm, strengthening the reputation of the beauty industry.

Requirements for Renewing Your Barber License in Colorado

Like many other cosmetology specialties, barbering runs on a two-year renewal schedule in Colorado. Barbers must renew their Colorado barber license by March 31 of every even-numbered year. The renewal fee is just $26 if you renew on time. If your application is postmarked after March 31, the renewal fee jumps up to $41.

Continuing education is not mandatory in Colorado, but you may still want to make time for it in your busy schedule. There are always new techniques and styles to learn in this field, and continuing education is one of the easiest ways to master these skills. With advanced barbering courses, Colorado barbers may elevate their career opportunities.

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