Arizona Barber Training and License Requirements

Required Barbering Courses in Arizona Barbering Schools

Looking for a beauty career that lets you work with men, specialize in men’s hairstyles, and handle facial hair upkeep? This could be the perfect time to earn AZ barber license. To become a barber, AZ students must meet the requirements of the Arizona State Board of Barbers. Since there are no apprenticeship options in Arizona, you must attend an approved barbering program that includes at least 1,500 hours of education. You get some theory education in the classroom, but most of your time is spent on the salon floor. You get plenty of experience with mannequin heads and male clients to improve your skills and become a confident barber. Accredited schools must meet the curricular requirements in Arizona.

Arizona Barber Classes

  • Fundamentals of barbering
  • Hygiene
  • Bacteriology
  • Histology of the hair, skin, muscles, and nerves
  • Structure of the head, face, and neck
  • Elementary chemistry
  • Massaging and manipulating the muscles of the scalp, face, and neck
  • Hair cutting
  • Shaving
  • Chemical waving
  • Chemical straightening
  • Hair coloring and bleaching

There are many barber classes in AZ that can help you get the hands-on experience and training you need to get started in the beauty industry. Contact Arizona barber college programs to find out more.

Arizona Barber Training and License Requirements

Education is the first step of the licensing process, and it’s definitely the most time-consuming step. Once you have your barbering certificate, the rest should move fairly quickly. You must submit your application and proof of graduation to the Arizona State Board of Barbers. Then, they let you schedule your written and practical exams. Exams are administered by PCS and can only be taken in English.

Arizona Barbering License Specifics

  • Fees: Combined cost of $140 for initial license and testing
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash, money order, or certified check

While attending a barber Arizona training program can seem like a lot of work, it benefits your career and the industry in general. When all barbering students are held to the same standards, customers know what to expect from their barbering appointments. This increases trust in the beauty industry, making it easier to get and keep clients.

Requirements for Renewing Your Barber License in Arizona

Once you have your Arizona barber license, it’s easy to keep it renewed and keep working without interruption. Your first renewal period is less than two years. You must submit your renewal application with a fee of $100 to renew your license by your birthday every two years. If your application is sent after your birthday, the fee increases to $150. Since Arizona does not have any continuing education requirements, there’s no additional work or studying to be done. Just make sure to renew on time, since renewing even one day late causes your license to lapse.

There’s no better time than right now to find a career you love. If barbering is a good fit for you, discover which barber school is best for you by contacting barbering courses in Arizona today.

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