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Academy of Make Up Arts

Academy of Make Up Arts

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299 Plus Park Boulevard Suite 100, Nashville, TN 37217

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Makeup Artistry

Program information not available.

Editor's Description

The Academy of Make Up Arts is a go-to school for makeup artists and wig makers in the entertainment industry. On Facebook, Taylor Martin says, "Most amazing school ever! Truly one of the best for people who want to explore that side of the creative process."

Their Makeup for TV & Film program is a certificate program for aspiring television and film makeup artists that takes a semester of full-time (40-50 hours per week) or two semesters of part-time study. You can complete the 532 hours in about five months, on average.

The 2,100-hour Performance Makeup Artist program takes between three to six semesters to complete. It is ideal if you want to become a makeup and wig artist for theater, television, film, or music videos. Each semester consists of 700 hours of coursework. With dedication, you can graduate in 15 months.

The school is accredited by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, and they have a 95% in-field placement rate for students after graduation. They also offer alumni a website full of resources, like film festivals, production resources, and discounts.  

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